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Small-sized trencher sst-1200

Dear partners!

We inform that the one of all the Russian enterprises has started a serial release of hydroficated small-sized trencher SST-1200. Marketing researches show us that on the Russian and CIS markets compact trenchers made in Germany, the United States, Britain and other countries are exploited up to date. Those tranchers have similarity of the technical characteristics with small-size trenchers model SST-1200. The cost of imported analogs is much higher. Producing small-sized trenchers SST-1200 manufacturers use parts from Europe which increases the reliability to import samples, and the lower price is attractive for consumers.

Technical characteristics of SST-1200.

Operating weight - 600+5% kg
Overall dimensions no more:
length - 2850 mm
width - 880 mm
height - 1150 mm
Hydraulic tank capacity - 70 l
Fuel tank capacity - 20 l
Engine "Robin Engines":
Type - ЕН65D (petrol)
Power rating - 16.4(22) kW(hp)
Chain speed up to - 125 m/min
Digging trenches speed
(depends on the category of soil and digging depth) up to - 1,5 m/min
Transport speed - up to 4 km/h
Trench depth p (max) - 1200 mm
Trench width:
digging by chain type «Arctic» - 90 mm
digging by summer chain - 150 mm

Small-sized trancher can be completed with winter snow chains as an additional options , and also the trailer for its transportation to the worksite and back.
Control panel
Control panel
Assembling of a trencher
Assembling of a trencher

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