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Chain trencher ground hog t4

Chain Trencher Ground Hog T 4 with a mechanical drive from petrol engine SUBARU EX17 is simple and reliable mechanism for digging tranches for electricity cables, plastic pipes lining (not deep). Trencher has heavy gauge powder coated steel, double bearings in metal wheels, a simple wedge belt drive and centrifugal clutch. That is a guarantee of accident-free use for a long time. Cutting chains of a trencher (depending on a complete set) can make trenches to a depth from 30 to 45 cm. There are two types of cutting chains for trencher fir different kinds of soil. Both types of blades will dig in rocky soil which contains stones the size of 2-3 cm. The Shark tip blades chain is intended for digging in soil that has small roots and other obstructions, and the chain with Bullet tips blades is easy to use in a stony soil with stones the size of 5-8 cm. Both blade types dig a 10 cm wide trench. The T-4’s narrow, compact design allows easy access around the job site, the simplified operator controls make it easier to use. The Ground Hog T-4 uses a unique ratchet mechanism on the wheels to help prevent the machine from pulling away from the trenching direction. That allows the trencher to do the digging while the side delivery auger piles the dirt up neatly beside the trench. Made in USA, Ground Hog INC.

  Main features of chain trencher Ground Hog T 4

• Excellent maneuverability on any surface thanks to a narrow, compact design and large pneumatic wheels
• The screw mechanism of dropping the dirt away from the edge of the trench
• The reliable drive design does not require complicated maintenance
• Wheels on two bearings
• Centrifugal clutch and belt drive on the shaft of the main transmission
• Powder coated frame
• Different four-stroke engine for your choice - Subaru, Honda, B&S
• Fast payback
  Chain trencher Ground Hog T 4 specifications 
• Trench depth maximum - 300мм
• Trench width maximum – 100 мм
• Weight - 103 кг
• Engine SUBARU EX 17- 5,5 л/с

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