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Pipelines heat insulation machine ekoprom 150

Application in construction of pipes with insulation is a necessity. However, pipelines insulation technology which is currently applied in Ukraine is mostly backward using an ineffective insulation mineral wool as a heater.

The technology of polyurethane foam pipe insulation is widespread in the world, it allows to reduce the loss during the operation in the heat transfer by 40%, and also to increase a resource of pipeline systems in 2-3 times. However its introduction into production is usually associated with the large capital expenses for construction and installation of the industrial equipment.

The «Ukrindustrialgroup» company offers the compact and inexpensive machine «Ekoprom 150» produced by SPC Ekoprom (Russia) which is designed for mass production of pipes and associated fittings for the foam insulation.

The calculations based on results of operating manufactures show us that using E-150 due to low initial cost and low operational expenses reduces the production cost by 15-25 % in comparison with foreign analogs. Moreover, the technical parameters of products are comparable with the products of industrial plants.

The main features of Ekoprom 150:

  • the machine has high efficiency, but it is easy-to-work and requires no skilled labor. One labor shift is enough for training;
  • the machine has the original design which ensures reliability and trouble-free operation;
  • the cost of the complete set is 4-5 times cheaper than the cost of imported analogs with the same efficiency;
  • it can be mounted on the small areas;
  • machine works on inexpensive domestic raw materials;

Foam insulation is manufactured by filling the space between the steel pipe and it's cover by heat insulating layer of polyurethane foam, which is a polyaddition of isocyanates and polyols. Hardened material has a polymeric cellular design with excellent insulating properties. External hydroprotection is provided by a continuous thin-walled pipe.

Thus, foam insulated pipes are designed as a "pipe in pipe" type, consisting of working steel pipes, insulation layer and an external cover made of polyethylene or thin galvanized pipes (for outdoor areas of a heating main).

The monitoring of the state of outer and inner pipes is possible due to operational remote control system (ORC) wires placed in an insulation layer. By changing the electrical resistance between wire and the steel pipe, you can control the moisture of the heat insulation material, and also you can trace the location of possible damage to a steel pipe bearing or to a cover of the district heating, respectively.

Advantages of pipes and associated armature insulated by polyurethane foam:

  • accelerated installation of a heating main;
  • high thermal stability and low heat conductivity (loss of no more than 3 %) in comparison with traditional materials;
  • resistance to the external environment influence and a long term of use (up to 50 years);
  • protection of pipe metal from external corrosion;
  • insulating material preserves all it's thermal insulating and mechanical properties during all operation term.

Technical characteristics

Internal insulated pipes diameter, mm 25-720
Output, m/shift 200-300
Shop power consumption, max, kW 30
Room temperature, C 15
Total production space of the shop, min, м2 300
Overall dimensions (LхWхH), m:  
Mixing set 3,0х2,0х2,0
Heater-cabinet 12,8х2,0x2,0
Assembly table with carriages 9,0х0,6x0,9
Table for priming (rocking table) 9,0х0,6x0,9

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