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Control system radiodetection rd385l


One of the fundamental principles of HDD technology is the principle of continuous monitoring of bore head parameters during a pilot drilling, which allows to manage the communications construction route forming process efficiently according to the project. This comes about through the use of modern locating system RD385, which consists of:

  1. Compact portable receiver RD385L with calibration system, adjustment system and characteristics display system.
  2. Remote display RD385 DataView, installed at the workplace of the rig.
  3. Sondes-emitters, mounted in the bore head for drilling data.

Receiver RD385L
A hand held receiver, which receives information from the Sonde relating to roll, tilt, depth, location,Sonde battery status and Sonde temperature.
RD385 receiver has a number of regimes, that allow you to use it as a standard locator for locating cables or pipes.

Remote display RD385
Remote display RD385 DataView which indicates roll, tilt, and depth information from the RD385L Receiver. Located at the bore machine to provide information for steering. It displays the same information as the receiver indicator, and it can receive information from the receiver at a 250 m distance. The remote indicator displays information about longitudinal and lateral tilt angles, and also about the emitter temperature and storage battery status.

RD385 DataSonde
The DataSonde is installed in the head of the boretool, and contains the sensors that measure roll, tilt angle, temperature and battery life.

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