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Directional puncture machines


Установки направленного проколаDirectional puncture machine DPM-100K is intended for trenchless laying cables and pipelines in diameter up to 630 mm by means of puncturing of a pilot well with following reverse broaching of expanders and pipelines. Directional puncture machine DPM-100K drive is carried out by mobile machine hydraulic system or stand-alone hydrostation.Установки направленного прокола

Puncture machine DPM-100K is more easy to use compared to foreign analogues P-80 produced by Dich Wich company (USA), because DPM-100K allows to extend pipelines doubling the diameter and to work in very cramped conditions, including wells in diameter 1.5 m.

The standard complete set delivery includes:

- container-mine with the hydrojack and management system;
- bars set 60 pcs. (puncture length 30 m), tools and accessories;
- expanders 0 to 250 mm.

Установки направленного прокола

Additional equipment:

- bars;
- complete set of navigation;
- hydrostation; - expanders 0 to 630 mm.

The set can be placed in a vehicle (GAZ-3307, GAZ-3308, ZIL-5301) according to your application.


Direct / back draught, kN - 1100
Pilot well diameter, mm - 80
Установки направленного прокола
Expander diameter, maximum, mm - 700
Bars diameter, mm - 70
Bars length working / full, mm - 500/600
Bar weight, kg - 14
Piston stroke, mm - 250
Puncturing range with a controlled trajectory, m - 100
Location depth, m - 15
Well bend radius, minimum, m - 80

Установки направленного прокола

Communications puncture device CPD-2 "NEEDLE"

Установки направленного прокола

The Communications puncture device CPD-2 "NEEDLE" is intended to perform puncture under roads and railways, and other mounds of earth and similar objects (surfaces). It is aggregated with any tractor, which has rated power over 60 hp, equipped with a hydraulic system or with portable compact stand-alone hydrostation.

The basic characteristics:

Length, mm, min/max- 3800/4150
Width, mm - 450
Height, mm - 750
Puncture length, max, m - 55
Puncture diameter, mm, min/maks. - 115/250
Puncture speed, not less, m/min.- 0,5
Quantity of bars in the complete set, pieces - 30
Bar diameter, mm - 56

Установки направленного прокола

Hydrostation CH-3Установки направленного прокола

The basic characteristics:

Length, mm - 1190
Width, mm - 660
Height, mm - 765
Hydrostation weight, kg - 117
Engine - EH65DS Robin Subaru
Horsepower, hp - 22
Operating pressure up to 160 atm.
Сapability up to 50 l/min


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