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Installations for puncturing

Welcome to company "Ukrindustrialgroup" web-site!

The specialization of our company is the delivery of the special equipment produced in Russia. The equipment is intended for the trenchless installation and replacement of underground conduits, communication cables, canalization and water pipes, and also production of the heat-insulated pipes (thermally protected pipes).

The worldknown NO-DIG or TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGIES represent a variant of underground installation and pipelines reconstruction without destroying a ground surface.

The method of horizontal directed drilling (HDD) is an alternative to a traditional trench method and allows to overcome the barriers (rivers, dams, roads, railway, embankments) meeting on a way of pipelines under construction without infringement a mode of their functioning.

The «Ukrindustrialgroup» as the official distributor of the equipment which is developed and manufactured by the Research-and-production center «Ekoprom» (Russia) offers the following list of the equipment in Ukraine:

The equipment is inexpensive and at the same time it's characteristics make it full-function substitute of HDD equipment producing in Western Europe and the USA.

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