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Welcome to company "Ukrindustrialgroup" web-site!

The specialization of our company is the delivery of the special equipment which is intended for the trenchless installation and replacement of underground conduits, communication cables, canalization and water pipes. Now Ukrainian market offers the equipment for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) which is produced in Europe and the USA.

We offer the equipment produced by «Ekoprom» Group, Russia.
Now «Ekoprom» produce HDD-machines series: DDM-2, DDM-4, DDM-8, DDM-30 and installations for directional puncture DPM-100 and DPM-100K.

We represent the equipment that allows to carry out such kinds of works as:

  • Trenchless laying of underground communications with a diameter up to 630 mm
  • Restoration and repair of worn-out pipelines
  • Substitution asbestos-cement and concrete pipes for polyethylene pipes with an opportunity to increase the diameter
  • Substitution water pipes and sewer pipelines made of cast iron and steel for pipes made of PVC, PE, HDPE.

All equipment HDD series has a constructive difference. The drilling machine-tool and supply hydroelectric station are made separately and connected only by high-pressure hoses, which increases mobility and allows for drilling in extremely cramped conditions.

Horizontal drilling machines, manufactured by «Ecoprom», are successfully working in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tver, Pskov and Kaluga regions, and also in Stavropol region.

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